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Transfer Codes

Once live with Fusion APIs, fintechs and their users (account holders) can perform different types of transactions. These transactions can be using different payment instruments (e.g. cards, UPI etc), can be over different transaction channels (e.g. POS, ATM, eComm etc.) and may affect different types of account from an accounting standpoint (e.g. funding account, account holder’s PPI account etc.)

We need to be able to classify different types of transactions for accounting, reconciliation, regulatory reporting, management reporting, and business analytics. The same can be achieved using transfer codes. Transfer codes are a pre-defined set of identifiers that enables the system to classify the transactions by common characteristics. Each time a fintech requests a transaction using A2A transfer API, they shall share the transfer code against the parameters like transferCode or journal.vouchercode.

Examples of transfer codes

  • A2A_P2P_AUTH: This code uniquely identifies the authorisation leg of peer-to-peer account-to-account transfers.
  • A2A_P2P_AUTH-REVERSAL: This code uniquely identifies the reversal leg of peer-to-peer account-to-account transfers.
Note: The terms ‘transfer code’ and ‘voucher code’ are used interchangeably.

Key Terminologies

Term Description
Fintech’s funding account Accounts from where the fintech can move the funds to it’s end user’s account. Refer Funding Account for more details
Customer’s account Account of the Real Account Holder or the Legal Account Holder to which the fintech can transfer money from its funding account. In the context of this article, the customer’s account refers to those of Real Account Holders.
Corporate funding account For the fintechs whose users are legal entities(other business/corporates), they need to create a legal account holder in the system. For such users, the account hence created is referred to as Corporate funding account. The fintech transfers the amount to this account and the corporate can further transact with this balance amount as per their use case.
Holding account Account where the amount is moved from the corporate funding account in case card orders are placed and amount to be transferred to each card is also decided before the cards are shipped. This amount transferred is earmarked for orders.
Holding account is used for corporate gift cards use cases on Fusion.

Transfer codes by account type

Real Account Holders

Real Account Holders refer to the individual account holders who are identified and authenticated using various identifiers (phone number, email) and authentication procedures (KYC) prescribed by regulatory bodies.

The below table covers the transfer codes for the transactions between:

  • Fintech’s funding account and the real account holder’s account
  • Corporate funding account/Holding account and the real account holder’s account

Transfer Code Description
A2A_VBOPayout-VBO2U_AUTH Adding money to the account holder’s account from the fintech’s funding account
A2A_VBOPayout_AUTH-REVERSAL Revoking or reversing the transaction amount from the account holder’s account back to the fintech’s funding account
A2A_P2P_AUTH Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transfer

[Allowed only for Full KYC’d users, out of scope for Minimal KYC’d users]

A2A_P2P_AUTH-REVERSAL Peer-to-Peer(P2P) reversals

[Allowed only for Full KYC’d users, out of scope for Minimal KYC’d users]

ATLAS_P2M_AUTH Used to transfer money to the merchant ledgers. This is generally the use case for the UPI payments and in-app purchases
A2A_VBOPayout-C2U_AUTH Transfer of funds from the corporate funding account to its customer’s account (real account holder). This code is used when a Fusion customer works with multiple corporates as their customer (B2B model) and maintains a different funding account for each corporate.
A2A_IntraAH_Auth Transfer of amount from one account to another account of the same account holder, i.e. intra-account transaction
A2A_IntraAH_Auth-REVERSAL Revoking the transaction done from one account to another account of the same account holder \ For such requests, the initial transaction ID can be added for reference.
A2A_VBOPayoutJIT-VBO2U_AUTH Adding money to individual users from VBO_FUNDING_ACCOUNT using JIT flow
A2A_VBOPayoutJIT-VBO2U_AUTH-REVERSAL Revoking money from users account added with JIT flow
H2U_GiftPayout_AUTH Holding account to user’s account
H2U_GiftPayout_AUTH_REVERSAL Reversal from user’s account to Holding account

Legal account holders refer to corporates or businesses that are defined as legal entities by regulatory bodies. For the cases where the subscribing fintech wishes to issue products to their corporate users, i.e. legal account holders, the following transaction codes are used at the time of transaction in addition to the above mentioned codes.

Transfer Code Description
A2A_VBOPayout-VBO2C_AUTH Transaction from the fintech’s funding account to the corporate funding account
A2A_VBOPayout-VBO2C_AUTH-REVERSAL Reverse transaction from the corporate funding account back to the fintech’s funding account (Reversals)
CORP2H_GiftPayout_AUTH Movement of funds from Corporate Funding account to the Holding Account.
CORP2H_GiftPayout_AUTH_REVERSAL Reversal from the holding account to the Corporate Funding account. It is a use case for the gift cards.
Note: Apart from the transfer codes listed above, there are other transfer codes for the transactions that are initiated using Fusion cards (e.g. RUPAY-505050_ECOM_AUTH-REVERSAL). These transfer codes need not be passed specifically by the VBOs as card transactions are not initiated by Fusion APIs used by fintechs. Hence, those voucher codes are not listed here.

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