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Payments FAQs

Is Zeta card payment accepted everywhere?
Zeta cards are powered by MasterCard or Visa or Rupay schemes. You can use the Zeta card wherever MasterCard, Visa and Rupay cards are accepted.
Is online payment allowed with Zeta cards?
Yes, you can use the Zeta card for E-Com or online transactions. Your account holders would need to feed the Card Holder Name, 16 digit card number, CVV and Expiry Date in the checkout page. The required card details are available on the Zeta card itself.
Are Zeta card payments secured?
Zeta cards are secured and certified by PCI DSS compliance, meaning your account holder’s card details like PAN(16 digit card number), CVV, Expiry Date are safe from data breach and fraud when the card information is fed into any vendor’s POS or ECOM portal.
In case of a payment capture failure, is a new posting triggered for the payment reversal?
Yes, if a payment capture fails due to capture timeout or failure, the Payment Engine initiates a new payment request that would nullify the effect of postings made in the earlier payment request.
Can a A2A transfers be reversed?
Yes, it can be reversed, Fusion reversal API supports reversal.
Can I schedule future transfers? Is it a possibility of recurring transfer?
No, unless the partner has some job running at their end to run the Fusion transfer API at a certain time.
What is the process to add funds into Fintech's Funding Account with Fusion?
Credit your current account with Issuing bank and notify Fusion ops team of the amount and UTR on mail for reflecting the amount in your funding account at Fusion.