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Type of Bundles

In this article, you learn about:

Standard Bundles

As a part of Fusion Suite, there are some standard pre-defined Bundles that can be used to offer Liability Account Products along with Physical or Virual Cards.

You may wish to have some custom needs that are not part of pre-configured features. Contact Zeta Support for any custom needs. Fusion platform is flexible and designed to suit your custom business requirements.

GPR Bundle

General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Bundles create a Liability account for the Account Holder. The Fintech can opt for either Physical Card or a Virtual Card as Payment Instrument to be issued with the GPR Bundle. Using these Cards the Account Holder can utilize funds stored in his account. Fintech can also configure the type of transaction(POS, E-Commerce or Cash Withdrawal) that can be performed and transaction limits for every type of transaction.
Fusion has different Bundles based on the KYC state of the Account Holders. Following are the standard GPR Bundles that are available:


This Bundle can only be issued to Min KYC’d Account Holders. The account created for such Account Holder’s restricts the transaction limits as specified by the RBI Guidelines. The Fintech can further modify these limits without voilating the threshold limits set by the RBI.


This Bundle can only be issued to Full KYC’d Account Holders. These are the people who have submitted Government ID details and have undergone full KYC verification. The account created for such Account Holder’s restricts the transaction limits as specified by the RBI Guidelines. Fusion offers rich spend controls, you can restrict ECommerce and ATM/Point of sale (POS) transactions.

GPR Shortfall KYC

This Bundle is for Account Holders who have verified the phone number but haven’t submitted any KYC details. You may choose to configure a basic privileges such as viewing passbook to such users.

GPR with ATM support

This Bundle can be used by the Fintech to issue Open Prepaid Instruments (Open PPI). This Bundle can also take the KYC profiles of the Account Holder into consideration. For example, an Account Holder with Aadhar OTP KYC would have more privileges like withdrawing the disbursed funds from ATM terminals free of charge.

GPR without ATM support

You can restrict ATM Support for Account Holders with min KYC users.

Gift Bundle

Gift Bundles are non-reloadable accounts that you can offer to Real Account Holders. These are bearer instruments i.e. an Account Holder who owns a gift card is entitled to the gift amount. Some custom configurations that you may wish to have, are listed below:

  • Set service configurations like card validity, daily/monthly transaction limits or maximum number of transactions (in a given day) performed by an Account Holder.
  • Restrict the usage of gift cards to affiliated merchant outlets.
  • Choose your own card look and feel or design as per company branding guidelines.

Funding Account Bundle

Funding Account Bundle is used to create Funding Accounts for fintechs. Fintech disburse funds from their Funding Account to Account Holder’s Account. Funding Accounts are maintained with Zeta to keep track of the transactions that a fintech and its associated entities perform.

Custom Bundles

Fintechs can also request for custom bundles that solve for their particular use case which none of the Standard Bundles cater to. Contact Zeta to know more about customizing Bundles.

Bundle lifecycle

Using Bundles you can define and manage the lifecycle/workflows for Products within the scope of a Bundle. Fusion lets you manage Bundles by allowing you to perform the following actions:


Assessment workflows for a Bundle are the tasks that the fintech wants to be done right before the actual provisioning of the products in the Bundle. These workflows can be fully automated or configured to enable manual intervention. Some examples of such workflows include - Account Holder details enrichment and KYC details verification.


Provisioning workflows form the final set of tasks to be done right after the products in the Bundle are provisioned. Some examples of Provisioning workflows are:

  • Deliver a welcome kit to an Account Holder.

  • Inform affiliates about the new Account to enable bundled services. For example, insurance, priority check-in and so on.