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Virtual Account Error Codes


This section is currently work in progress.

The following table lists the possible error codes returned on Fusion’s Virtual Account APIs.

Error Codes

Error Codes Error Messages
VAN1001 Unexpected error has occurred
VAN1002 Request is Missing Mandatory Fields
VAN1003 Status update not allowed on a VAN with CLOSED status
VAN1004 Provided data doesn't belong to an existing VAN
VAN1005 A fintech has already been onboarded with same cappi
VAN1006 Maximum allowed virtual account numbers have been created for the account
VAN1007 VAN registration is not available for the Ifi of the provided IfiId
VAN1008 A VAN issuance has already been created with the same requestId
VAN1009 Request Id is missing in the request
VAN1010 Request Id is only allowed to be alphanumeric
VAN1011 Request Id can be upto 20 characters long only
VAN1012 No fintech has been onboarded with the provided Vbo-Id
VAN1013 VAN Creation for the fintech is in INACTIVE status
VAN1014 Unexpected error has occurred while adding van as an account vector
VAN1015 Unexpected error while registering VAN with IFI
VAN1016 Vbo-Id is not present in the account created event
VAN1017 Invalid time range provided for fetching Transactions
VAN1018 Invalid UTR Number
VAN1019 Ledger creation failed while onboarding VBO
VAN1020 Unexpected error occurred while performing payment
VAN1021 The provided auth-token doesn't have access to the current API
VAN1022 The provided auth-token cannot access transactions of provided vbo-id