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Account Holders FAQs

How many types of account holders are supported by the Fusion system?
Fusion system supports 3 types of account holders to support various usecases of the issuer - Real (individual), Legal (company), and Headless (anonymous). See Account Holders for more information.
What is a Headless Account Holder (HAH)?
An HAH can be termed as an anonymous account holder as their identity can not be ascertained using identifiable documents.
Is an application request needed prior to creating an account holder?
Yes, an application request with details must be submitted prior to creating an Account Holder for an applicant.
Which vectors do I need to use to retrieve account holder details?
You can use vectors such as phone number or email to retrieve account holder details. Pass the type of vector (p for phone and e for email) used while creating an Account Holder in the request header.
Can we create two different applications for the same account holder, using identical vectors (phone, email), for different fintechs?
Yes, this is possible. Users have the flexibility to enroll themselves with multiple Fintech programs.
Why am I unable to create a new account holder with the Account Holder(AH) creation API?

When you hit the account holder creation API (newIndividual), you need to ensure that form ID, OVD ID (eg PAN number), and mobile number are always unique.

For example, Account Holder (AH) is already created at our end. When you hit the account holder creation API again, you get a timeout error and do not get the Account Holder(AH) value. Hence, when hitting the API again with the same vectors and parameters, you must ensure that the form ID, OVD ID, and mobile number are unique. Else, an error will be thrown.

What is the difference between the shortfall and Min KYC account holders?

The difference is:

  • Min KYC users can be issued accounts, cards, etc.

  • Shortfall users could be considered as account holders with lapsed KYC. Hence, no account or payment instruments can be used for them.

What is a Spool? What is the role of Spool in the context of RAH?

Spool contains the details of the list of actions during and post application approval, such as:

  • The kind of relationship that will be established after application approval
  • The details to be filled in the application
Is there any difference between the RAH and FULL KYC Account Holders?
  • RAH is any account holder onboarded, irrespective of their KYC status.
  • Full KYC account holders are a subset of RAH.
What is the difference between real and legal account holder?
  • RAH is a term used for the users onboarded on the fintech.
  • LAH is a unique account holder for all fintechs.
Can a person create an account without PAN card?
Any valid OVD is accepted for account creation. Refer to the authType value defined in the Fusion developer documentation.
Is there a limit on the number of beneficiaries that can be added by an account holder?
No, there are no such limits imposed.