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Prepaid Wallet Issuance

Fusion is Zeta’s embeddable banking offering for fintechs. With Fusion APIs and SDKs, fintechs (both new age startups and enterprises) can build innovative products and solve for unique use cases with shorter time to market and lesser capital expenditure.In the payments world, Zeta is known to work on an API-ready plug-n-play model where a customer can go live in the shortest amount of time

In this section, we would like to give you a first hand glimpse of how easy it is to use fusion’s capabilities to build an app from scratch .

Important concepts

Account holder

An account holder has a banking relationship with the Issuer also known as Issuing Financial Institution (IFI). This is a term we are all familiar with, in day to day parlance people having an account with banks.

There are 3 types of Account holders

  1. Real account holder [Eg : like you and me ]
  2. Legal Account holder [ Eg : Corporations like Zeta ]
  3. Headless Account holder

You can refer this section for more on account holder creation.


Bundle is a construct in Fusion that is used to package and issue financial products. There are 2 types of products that are currently supported by Fusion - Account Products and Payment Products. Using Bundle, a fintech company can issue multiple Account Products and multiple Payment Products for an Account Holder in one go. You can read more about bundles here .

Use case

Use case for the Demo is Prepaid wallet which can be used to store money and use the same for transactions.

Scope of Demo

  1. Creation of Real Account holder

  2. Fetching the bundles

  3. Issuing a bundle to Real Account holder

  4. Fetching the card details

  5. Transferring some balance to the prepaid account

  6. Get the list of transactions

Fusion API’s used in the Demo

  1. Create Account holder API

  2. Issue Bundle API

  3. Get all Accounts of Account holder

  4. Get Balance of Accounts

  5. Get all Transactions done on account

  6. Account to Account Fund Transfer

Front End Prerequisites

  1. Design XML files and resources: These are the basic layout files and resources used in Android to render UI

  2. Cards SDK Assets: When-ever a Cards SDK client is on-boarded through App-Center, he /she is asked to download the assets and place them in specific folders.

These assets include collections, fonts used in the application and the cards SDK configuration file.

  1. Basic set of dependencies required for most android projects e.g. Gson, Retrofit, Firebase, Timber etc.

  2. Online resources for referring code:

    1. Firebase Integration

    2. Firebase User Auth UI integration

    3. Recycler view

Backend Prerequisites

  1. Fusion APIs request/response examples with mandatory fields

  2. VBO sandbox details i.e. Auth Token, Ifi ID, Min KYC bundle ID

  3. Information about requirements to generate jwt token for Cards SDK auth

  4. Project configuration file setup with sandbox details, Api paths, SDK private key

API’s Provided by Backend

There will be in total 5 API’s which will be provided by backend for the project

  1. API to create account holder in min kyc state

  2. API to create JWT token

  3. API to fetch the list of accounts of the account holder.

  4. API to fetch balance of the accounts of the account holder

  5. API to fetch the list of transactions of the account holder

Postman Collection

You can find the postman collection for the fusion API’s here

Postman Collection : https://www.getpostman.com/collections/8c4ef8aeec77b7976522

Frontend Application Code

You can refer to the front end application code for the demo here. you need to change the base url for fusion and run the application like any android application is run

Backend Application Code

You can refer to the Backend application code for the demo here.

Final Android App visuals