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About Webhooks

About Webhooks
Published on 20th August, 2021

A webhook is a message system that allows you to receive real time messages about important events. You can register to events and choose to receive real-time messages to your secure application endpoint. Such messages save you time and effort to track the key activities that are crucial to your business.

Fusion webhooks

Fusion webhooks are designed to send messages to your application when an event occurs as a result of business flow. Using webhooks, you can subscribe to various events and take necessary actions when they occur.

Fusion sends a secure message containing the webhook payload in JSON format. For example, you can notify an account holder about a payment failure (using SMS/email) when a transaction at an apparel store declines due to insufficient balance.

Webhook flow

You can get started with webhooks using the following basic steps:

  1. Set up a webhook endpoint and the environment to handle the webhook data on your platform.

  2. Share this endpoint with Zeta. Zeta will register the webhook endpoint in Fusion platform and share a secret token with you to validate the incoming webhook messages as detailed in configure webhooks.

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